Introduction-Meet Chelsea

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Hello Friends and Welcome!

If you know me you must be asking yourself, “Why is she making an introduction?” “What happened to her old posts?” “Is it just me or do things look different?”. Long story short, its all gone…on accident of course, but *poof* it has officially disappeared. My advice for anyone that has a blog is to make sure you back it up. Lesson learned here to say the least. Therefore, I find myself starting over with my blog and while it may be daunting, I’m super excited.

I’m an energetic, goal setting individual that loves lists and attempting to be organized. I love getting dressed up and ready for each new day, but realistically I’m probably hanging out in my gym clothes if its the weekend. Most days you can find me enjoying a cup of coffee (a latte, from Starbucks 😉 ) and dreaming of spending countless hours at antique stores. I’m obsessed with lace, polka dots, and anything vintage. Thanks to my Sisters (I got a new sister in November!) we could add Kate Spade to that list too.  I could spend hours reading inspirational quotes.  There are so many things I could tell you about me and the life I live, but most importantly everyone has a unique and worthy story and each new experience is irreplaceable. We should live  to see the small moments in life, enjoy those moments, and of course eat lots of pasta! Who wouldn’t want to eat all the pasta in the world, carbs make the world go round, right? Currently, I’m in Southern Illinois but I could always dream of living in Italy!



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